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Acupuncture And Pain Relief

Let's be real here: Attending frequently with chronic low back pain can be distressing for both patient and doctor. Because conventional treatment options tend to be ineffective and limited, many sufferers now seek help from licensed acupuncturists, who have repeatedly provided the safest, quickest, and most effective treatment available. The secret to its effectiveness, however, lies in our brain.

Discover The Health Benefits Of Sauna

People living in Finland and Sweden already know it - sauna therapy is a wonderful way to reduce anxiety and stress, while promoting relaxation, contentment and peace of mind. However, saunas and steam-baths are much more than just leisure products. Other health benefits of using sauna include muscle relaxation, detoxification and glowing healthy skin.

Practice Mindful Meditation to Combat Disease

The health benefits of meditation, whether secular or spiritual, have long been recognized in the East, and now these benefits have successfully been tested in the rigors of the scientific community with excellent results.

Is ‘Blood Stagnation’ Making You Ill?

We all know that blood circulates in our bodies. But what you may not know is that aside from being a vital nutrient substance blood can also be a cause of pain in the body. One of the ways blood causes pain is when it becomes “stagnant.” That is, locations where blood becomes “static” (e.g., sluggish) in the organs and tissues.

One of the Best Cancer Preventions is 100% Free

With fall right around the corner most of us will likely become less as active. The cool weather months are a time of stillness, reflection and rest. However, we still need to exercise, even if it's at a slower pace.

Can Acupuncture Cure Chronic Back Pain?

I first looked into acupuncture after several months of chiropractic treatment had left my neck improved but my lower back not really any better, and in fact I was having quite a few days of acute pain.

Can Bikram Yoga Cure A Bad Back?

Bikram Yoga, or hot yoga is something I have been doing on and off for quite a long time. Actually I started before my chronic back pain began. Before I get into a discussion of whether or not Bikram Yoga has had a curative effect on my back pain, I will spend a couple of sentences describing this particular type of Yoga for the benefit of those who may not have come across it before.

Curious About Alternative Treatments for Pain? Try These!

People are always asking what are the best alternative treatments for their pain conditions. Given the vast number of modalities available under the “alternative” label, it is no wonder people feel overwhelmed when trying to choose the best one for them.

Ending the pain mystery

Real-life medical mysteries don't play out like an episode of "House." Many people suffer through years of frustrations and setbacks without ever getting any answers.

Discover the art of meditation and supercharge your mental abilities

Results of ongoing research shed new light on the mechanisms of meditation. Recent studies now confirm that you don't have to be a monk to enjoy deep relaxation, increased attention span, better cognition and other health benefits meditation is offering.

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