FDA’s Red herring warning on thermography

The FDA has just released a "safety communication" about thermographic breast cancer screening.

Yeah, you can pretty much predict exactly where this is going to go.

As I've told you before, thermography uses infrared imagining to screen for breast cancer. That's an important clue that this method is on the right track, because it eliminates exposure to radiation.

But the FDA is having NONE of that.

Here's a quote from the "communication:" "The FDA is concerned that women will believe these misleading claims about thermography and not receive needed mammograms."

According to the agency, the primary "misleading claim" is that thermography is a replacement for mammography.

Just as with the drug industry, we can rely on the FDA to fully support mammography, because radiology is a huge financial generator in the medical mainstream, just like pharmaceuticals.

Also consider the enormous outlay of funds required by hospitals, radiology clinics, and academic centers to purchase the very expensive equipment and train medical professionals to use it.

Obviously, no one in this tight financial circle wants to see a safer, less expensive, more effective technology appear more attractive than mammograms.

Not to mention...they aren't the best at admitting when they're wrong...

Picking up on the heat

Thermography harnesses infrared imaging in a simple and brilliant way.

As explained by Philip Getson, D.O. -- a medical thermographer for nearly 30 years -- cancers manage to activate inactive blood vessels, or even create new blood vessels to deliver glucose and other nutrients to support the multiplying cancer cells.

At its very earliest stages, this activity generates just enough heat to be detected by infrared imaging cameras.

So what we have are three major factors that make thermography far superior to mammography: 1) No radiation exposure, 2) Earlier detection of breast cancer, and 3) No painful breast compression (which can also prompt the spread of some tumors).

In a recent Huffington Post article, Christiane Northrup, M.D. -– an ob/gyn and bestselling author –- reviewed these and other thermography benefits.

Dr. Northrup notes that thermography may be able to detect cancer activity eight to 10 years earlier than any other screening method. The reason? Thermal imaging identifies abnormal activity on the cellular level.

That's one reason why thermograms produce "unambiguous results" in identifying cancerous and even pre-cancerous cells. And those clear results cut way down on the need for further tests.

Here's why that's a HUGE benefit: Around one million breast tumor biopsies are performed each year. And about 800,000 turn out to be benign. That's a two-in-ten success rate in judging biopsy need, which is a pretty dreadful record considering that biopsies are often expensive and cause significant anxiety in patients.

Of course, like any technology, thermography is only as good as the thermologist.

Dr. Getson (a colleague of Dr. Northrup) notes the importance of finding a board-certified doctor like himself who is specially trained to interpret thermographic images.

You can find a qualified thermologist in your area by using the Find a Doc feature on our website (hsionline.com). And you can also visit the International Academy of Clinical Thermology website at iact-org.org.

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It is obvious that these people (FDA) or any other government agency for that matter could care less about our well being, all they are interested is the money flow from these ludicrous and harmful tests, specially the biopsy part for we now know that the needle when puncturing may be more harmful than good it may be spreading cancer through the blood and when plastering the breasts they may be doing the same, yet they keep silence when it comes to these harmful steps, ladies my prayers go with you, I know they use all kinds of scare tactics so you can submit to their ill gotten ways. JAM

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Agostinho Matos

I have done several termographies along several years. all of them with ambiguous results, simply because this test can not differentiate between inflammation and cancer, both have higher body temperatures. Because of this exam I have done other unnecessary and costly tests like MRIs with negative results. In the termographies I have done half of my body is red because of joint problems, respiratory allergies, digestive problems, colitis, etc.

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The FDA frightens me they seem to be doing more harm than good. Espeshaly when it comes to the GMO'S and what they have done to our food supply and how it has impacted the animals and us humans. Money comes and goes but humanity goes on from one generation to another and anything that disrupts one generation can disrupt the rest.. We are finding out how a medication interfears with a pregnat moms child.
Some times there drugs can be downright dangerous. Our most presious life is at stake hear and the worst part is they get away with it. Sometimes what the medical field thinks is good for us brings about disaster to themselves as well as those they treat. Let God be in charge and test and retest to know a thing is going to work. Food is medicine and medicin is food

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There is a better test then both of this. It is called
Gma image

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