Fight psoriasis from within

Question: I don't want to leave my house anymore. The skin on my arms and hands is so scaly from psoriasis. I've fought this for 20 years, and none of the treatments have worked. Is there anything left to try?

Dr. Wright: Long-term natural psoriasis therapy requires allergy testing, elimination, and desensitization, and in many cases, improvement of digestive function with hydrochloric acid/pepsin and digestive enzymes. It also requires eliminating all sugar, refined food, and alcohol. I know cutting these things from your diet isn't easy, but having seen some of the devastating social effects psoriasis can have, I'm inclined to believe that giving up that occasional nightcap (or whatever you might be sensitive to) is well worth the sacrifice, considering the trouble it can cause.

There's also a natural formula called Psoriazide Forte that can help ease your symptoms while you're working on your diet and allergies. Psoriazide Forte is a combination of nickel, bromide, and fumaric acid. One 600-milligram tablet per day helps alleviate psoriasis symptoms in the majority of people who try it (although, like nearly any other treatment, it doesn't work for everyone).

You can get Psoriazide Forte from some natural food stores as well as through compounding pharmacies. To locate a compounding pharmacy in your area, contact the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacies at (800) 927-4227 or visit their website,

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Jonathan V. Wright, M.D. has degrees from both Harvard University (cum laude) and the University of Michigan. More than any other doctor, he practically invented the modern science of applied nutritional biochemistry and he has advanced nutritional medicine for nearly three decades.

As of today, Dr. Wright has received over 35,000 patient visits at his now-famous Tahoma Clinic in Washington State.

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Virgin cold pressed coconut oil made my Psoriasis disappear - I am cured. My doctor is baffled.

Rub it in well - scratch in if needed - believe me, it works!

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to get rid of psoriasis first you must remove it use duct tape on it overnite then apply MG 217 medicated tar ointment found at your local pharmacy,twice daily for about 6 weeks it worked for me and didnt return for a couple of years ,the most important thing is to remove it first with the duct tape it worked for me and if it returns just do it again

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I've used tumeric to help alleviate my psorasis. When forget to take the tumeric it tends to flare up again. I then take the tumeric and it settles down. try it

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There may also be some connection with vitamin D. It appears that treatment with UVB lights, which boosts D levels, is effective.

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Just eliminate sugar from HFCS to your regular table sugar even in coffee (yuck, but...) I had psoriasis on my hands, elbows and knees too and a $900 prescribed cream that worked for a while and then reapply, reapply... Eliminating sugar reduced the symptoms after 5 days (amazed me). I was eliminating sugar to reverse possible prediabetic symptoms and got this side effect as part of a 30 day diabetic "cure" diet. You're probably running chronically high blood glucose and insulin like I DID. Good luck.

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John A

I had Psoraisis for 42 years and had a deficiency in folic acid and selenium and Vitamin D in which Psoraisis sufferers are commonly deficient. I was already taking selenium and Vitamin D but when I started folic acid 6 weeks ago, the dandruff and patches on elbows cleared up within a week. It was miraculous!!!

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John A

By Dr. Alex Vasquez ND, DC:

A young woman with full-body psoriasis unresponsive to drug treatment was reversed. This is a 17-year-old woman with head-to-toe psoriasis since childhood. She wears long pants and long-sleeved shirts year-round, and the psoriasis is a major interference to her social life. Medications have ceased to help. Treatment: The Paleo-Mediterranean diet was implemented, with an emphasis on food allergy identification.1 We used a multivitamin-mineral supplement with 200 mcg selenium to compensate for the nutritional insufficiencies and selenium deficiency common in patients with psoriasis; likewise, 10 mg of folic acid was added to address the relative vitamin deficiencies and elevated homocysteine common in these patients.13 Combination fatty acid therapy with EPA and DHA from fish oil and GLA from borage oil was used for the anti-inflammatory and skin-healing benefits.14 Vitamin E (1,200 IU of mixed tocopherols) and lipoic acid (1,000 mg per day) were added for their anti-inflammatory benefits and to combat the oxidative stress that is characteristic of psoriasis.15 Of course, probiotics were used to modify gut flora, which is commonly deranged in patients with psoriasis.16 Results: Within a few weeks, this patient's "lifelong psoriasis" was essentially gone. Food allergy identification and avoidance played a major role in the success of this case. When I saw the patient again nine months later for her second visit, she had no visible evidence of psoriasis. Her "medically untreatable" condition was essentially cured by the use of my basic protocol, with the addition of a few extra nutrients.

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