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Who Owns Your Genes?

Imagine that your doctor has suggested a genetic test for mutations that can cause hereditary breast cancer. This simple test could give you life-saving information. But you can't have it. Because you don't happen to have several thousand dollars just lying around.

Colloidal Silver, Oral Health and Heart Health

Good oral health involves more than just clean teeth.  It's about keeping the entire mouth and all of its tissues healthy and free of harmful buildup of bacteria and other pathogens. 

So, while it's good to have an appealing smile, a healthy mouth has broader implications for the health of the entire body, in particular, the heart. That’s because the mouth is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, funguses like candida albicans, parasites and viruses.  And the teeth can be conduits that allow these pathogens into the bloodstream, which take them directly to the heart. 

Vitamin D - A Guide for Furless Mammals

There are 2 reasons I’m writing this article.  Firstly, vitamin D has been all over the news as the latest nutrient whose RDA  has come under great scrutiny.  The other reason being that it is almost 130 degrees (54C) here and I wouldn’t step into the sun if you paid me hence I believe I am - ironically - lacking in D3 activation.

Is There a Natural Toe Nail Fungus Remedy?

Q: Help! I have ugly toenail fungus. I don't want to take an antifungal pill as I'm afraid of toxic side effects. Is there a natural alternative?

Is the Sun Really So Dangerous?

The sun dispatches its warm glow of yellow light rays everyday, beaming in health, vitality, light and warmth. Yet after hearing all the warnings about its harmful effects, we fend off the sun as it were the enemy and sunblock, sunglasses and wide-brim hats are our weapons. Can brother sun be so dangerous?

Getting Fat on the Job

Plenty of people will admit they're sick of their jobs. But what many people don't realize is that their jobs may be ruining their health.

A new study has found a link between office work and the obesity epidemic.

Older People Need More Vitamin D

A study from the University of Warwick in England shows that more time in the sun can help older people avoid diabetes and heart attacks (Diabetes Care, July 2009).  They evaluated 3,262 people aged 50-70 years old in Beijing and Shanghai, China, and found that 94 percent were low in vitamin D...

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Create Your Own Vaccine Schedule

Dr. Isaac Eliaz explains the crucial role assumed by the immune system in childhood. As our body's primary source of protection, it is vital that our immune system is properly trained—and childhood illness serves this very purpose, thus ensuring health in adulthood. But while illness plays an important role, stopping all vaccinations is not advised, as it could endanger your child's life.


7 Day Immune Stimulation Diet

As worries mount over a possible swine flu pandemic, clearly preparedness is on everyone’s mind. In the case of any infectious disease, your best defense is a good offense. This post asks the question: “Is your immune response low” and offers a proven 7 Day Immune Stimulation diet to help if it is.

How To Select the Best Omega-3 Fish Oil

Fish oil is widely acclaimed for its health giving properties – the benefits of which span across the entire health spectrum. However, considering the vast range of fish oil suppliers and products currently available, you’ll understandably be hard-pressed to find the one that is not only the most effective, but also the purest, freshest and most natural fish oil in the world – well, at least until you’ve finished reading this article.

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