Get rid of bursitis pain for good

Q: I have bursitis in my shoulder. My doctor prescribed me some medication for it, and it helped for awhile, but when I stopped taking it the pain came back. Is there anything that will get rid of it for good?

Dr. Wright: Nearly 50 years ago, Dr. Irving S. Klemes discovered that the best treatment for bursitis pain is vitamin B12. Nothing has come close to it since then.

When Dr. Klemes treated 40 individuals with acute subdeltoid bursitis with vitamin B12 shots, he found that they almost all experienced rapid pain relief -- in some cases starting in just a few hours -- and that complete relief was often achieved within a few days. All but three individuals were completely pain free within two to three weeks.

Dr. Klemes recommended that vitamin B12 (1cc, 1,000 micrograms) be given by injection every day for a week, then tapered to three times weekly, then to twice weekly, and then to once weekly until the pain was completely gone. Early on, I asked bursitis sufferers to follow these instructions exactly. Later, I discovered that taking 2 ccs of vitamin B12 every day until the pain went away -- with no tapering -- worked even better.

In the 33 years I've been recommending vitamin B12 treatment, I've only seen it fail to relieve bursitis pain once. In every other case -- even ones with the worst pain and swelling -- vitamin B12 injections have always taken care of the problem.

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Jonathan V. Wright, M.D. has degrees from both Harvard University (cum laude) and the University of Michigan. More than any other doctor, he practically invented the modern science of applied nutritional biochemistry and he has advanced nutritional medicine for nearly three decades.

As of today, Dr. Wright has received over 35,000 patient visits at his now-famous Tahoma Clinic in Washington State.

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I don't think that I agree with this. How much B12 does a person need, to get rid of chronic shoulder bursitis? I have ALWAYS taken a B complex, and at least a few times a week, supplement with sublingual B12. I have had chronic shoulder bursitis for years. Just the past 3 months I have had surgery on both my shoulders, removing the subacromial bursa, and on one of the arms, doing a bicep tenodesis (removing the long head bicep tendon and re-attaching to my humerous).

I have never had a deficiency in any vitamins, much less B12.

My shoulders have had issues as a result of too much ice hockey, too much shoulder abuse, too much volleyball and other sports, not a deficiency in B12. Oh, if only that were the case.

Maybe it would work for an acute case of Bursitis... but not for chronic cases.

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I have had ischial bursitis for the past few years that comes and goes. Would taking B12 sublingually not work as well as injections? And if so how much? I'm not sure I could find an MD who would give me injections for bursitis as it isn't the usual protocol.

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