Getting the Gardasil HPV vaccine debate wrong WRONG!

They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. So I must be insane because I keep being surprised to see how the media reports on Gardasil.

And what surprised me this time was how wrong they got it when it wasn't even really the point.

Missed it by a mile

I haven't been paying too much attention to the presidential race. I mean, come on -- we don't cast our votes for more than a YEAR. So the "excitement" about Texas governor Rick Perry entering the race was only a tiny blip on my radar.

But then during the NPR "truth squad" report on the Republican debate, I realized I better start paying attention. After all, Rick Perry is THAT Texas governor -- the one who tried to make the HPV vaccine mandatory for every female sixth-grader in Texas.

As you may recall, Gov. Perry tried to sneak that one through as an executive order, but the Texas legislature shot it down.

Now, four years later, the question of how big a role the government should play in our lives is a hot political topic. So Gov. Perry's attempted intrusion into the lives of every young girl in Texas and her parents looms as a potential liability.

During the debate, candidate Ron Paul (who also happens to be an M.D.) jumped right on it. Dr. Paul said, "Just take the HPV, forcing 12-year-old girls to take an inoculation to prevent this sexually transmitted disease. This is not good medicine, I do not believe."

This is NOT good medicine -- you can be absolutely CERTAIN, Dr. Paul! (And, it turns out, it may be even worse politics.)

But then, Julie Rovner (an NPR health policy correspondent) piped up and...just completely blew it.

She noted that Dr. Paul is in "disagreement with the vast majority of the medical community." And she followed that statement with a list of mainstream medical organizations that recommend HPV vaccines for children and adults.

Julie! You missed that one by a MILE! In this case, Dr. Paul's point was not about the value of Gardasil, it was about "forcing" girls to take the vaccine.

All those organizations Julie listed "RECOMMEND" the vaccine. Not one of them has ever suggested that we follow Gov. Perry's attempt to make the vaccine mandatory.

Big difference! HUGE difference!

And then, making it seem like Dr. Paul knew little about good medicine, Julie went completely off the rails, stating: "It's a vaccine that prevents cancer..."

Wrong wrong wrong wrong WRONG!

That's exactly what Merck (the maker of Gardasil) WANTS everyone to believe! But even Merck can't make that claim because it's NOT a cervical cancer vaccine. It's a vaccine that prevents some but not all forms of HPV. And SOME of those HPV strains can cause cervical cancer.

Any woman who believes they've got cervical cancer prevention all taken care of with a Gardasil vaccine is very much mistaken. And Julie didn't even hint at the tens of thousands of adverse events and serious side effects linked to the drug! (Now you're starting to see why this whole Gardasil thing makes me so insane!)

So...did Julie Rovner blow it? Or did she want to divert attention away from the REAL topic brought up by Dr. Paul?

I'm certainly not accusing Julie of having an agenda. But she's a health policy expert with many years of experience. How could she not be aware of exactly what Gardasil does -- and how completely wrongheaded it would be to ever make it mandatory for anyone, especially pre-teen girls?

Of course, this is just the tip of the Gardasil controversy. If you're new to the question of using Gardasil to prevent HPV, you can get up to speed quickly with a video I made, which you can find here. It will tell you everything you need to know about Gardasil drawbacks and dangers so you can make the right decision for yourself and your family -- in case -- before Governor (or President) Perry gets to do it for you.

Feel free to forward it to Julie if you know her.


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Anonymous's picture

David Lee

Do a search on Rick Perry and Gardasil and see some his comments when he first issued the executive order as governor. Such comments as he would hate to see a girl get cancer because she did not get the shot. I wonder what he thinks about all these girls permanently damaged or dead from the shot? We do not need this guy misleading our country.

Anonymous's picture


I consider myself to be intellectual and a liberal. However, I have never been a fan of NPR (and I don't support them) This is because they always come down on the side of allopathic mainstream medicine. What I really think this is about is academic intellectual snottiness. Highly educated university educated people tend to automatically think that others like them are the same in their thinking, so because doctors go to many years of university to become doctors, they MUST be totally believable in whatever they say. Your little Julie's statement summed it up - Dr. Paul is in disagreement with the vast majority of medical professionals (ergo because they are medical professionals we should automatically respect them and believe them and not even bother to research what they say). In my book: intellectual snobbery AND shoddy journalism at work. Doesn't surprise me from NPR.

Anonymous's picture


Gardisil is just another scam from the drug companies to cover their loses from other equally or worse bad drugs. It's dangerous and NONE of my daughters will be getting it. Dangerous. Perry ought to bow out for even thinking he could make this poison mandatory. The FDA is NOT our friend. and obviously, neither is rick perry.

Anonymous's picture

John Wagoner of Davis

I used to think anyone who was critical of a vaccine was Nuts, but the more I learn about the Gardasil vaccine the more compelled I am to comment.
I have recently seen the Judicial Watch Special Report on Gardisal which brings up many points of concern.
Some are:
This vaccine has not been proven to prevent cervical cancer nor has it been proven not to cause cancer itself. Gardisal's affect on fertility is unknown.
Dr. Diane Harper, one of the developers of this vaccine states that “The rate of serious adverse events [in reaction to Gardasil] is greater than the incidence rate of cervical cancer.” Since the ' serious adverse events ' ( death and permanent disability ) are inflicted on girls as young as 9 while cervical cancer affects women in their late forties, would not it make more sense to forgo the early risk ( not sacrifice 30 years of young health ) and deal with an event in mid life ? It is possible that in the next 30 years we may have more successful treatments for cervical cancer. Any future advances in medical care for cervical cancer will not be available for the girls that died from Gardisal, or help the ones that suffer from permanent disabilities inflicted on them at an early age so Merck can reap huge profits from their unnecessary, unproven, and dangerous vaccine. Or putting it another way, are you willing to put flowers on your daughters grave for the next thirty five years, all the whispering, " But we were protecting you from cancer ".

Anonymous's picture


I practiced Ob/Gyn in Houston for 27 years. HPV virus is very prevalent in 12 to 21 year olds and up. Face it, especially in the indigent population and in certain ethnic groups in Texas, kids are having sex at an early age and I saw it. HPV virus is linked to cancer of the cervix. Parents had the right to opt out so it wasn't manditory. Look was the polio vaccine did in the past , it wiped out the disease only to be coming back because of the failure of children to get the vaccine now because of the fear put into them by people like you. I have seen no published data on death or disease and those reported are within the incidence expected for any disease in a cohort population of people and it is not it caused by the vaccine. I have seen women in the 20s die of cancer of the cervix or have to have surgery that is very serious and distructive. Why not let the true experts comment and stop scarring people to death!!!

jlw1969's picture

Loretta Watson

So, Mr ob/Gyn in Houston for 27 years. If you have daughters 12 years and above, you would give them this series of shots knowing that you could be signing her death warrant? Do you not know that close to 100 young people have died after getting this vaccine? Do you not know 1000s have been seriously injured from this vaccine? Sounds to me as if you need to do some more homework. Parents should be spending time with their kids from the time they are born to the time they are adults leaving the nest. God warned Israel when they forgot His laws, He would forget their children. That applies to this world today. Children must understand there are consequences to certain actions. Parents must listen to their kids. Parents must start educating their kids instead of assuming somebody else will "teach them the ropes". Kids need love above everything else but they desperately need guidance about indulgences in adult activities that should be protected until marriage. Twelve year olds having sex?? It makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. There is a woman in our church who makes her 15 year old get that annual birth control shot. "It's okay if she has sex now because she won't get pregnant". WHAT??? The world is upside down and inside out. May God have mercy.

Anonymous's picture


May I, as one who also lives here and heard the entire thing and also had heard what Perry had to say about these things long before he became governor, say that he was hoodwinked by an acquaintance on this one. And when he woke, he was quite upset by the thought of what he had done, not that he had recommended a vaccine, but that he had attempted to put the government into a family decision. He is a true believer in very limited government intrusion, very limited government; and he immediately realized that he had blown this one. I rather imagine that he does believe that vaccinations are a great thing, but then most people do also. Perhaps, one day our message will get to everyone that vaccines are not the very best prevention.

alsigirl's picture


Apparently USA Today ran an article recently about the Michelle Bachmann statement that got Gov Perry and Ron Paul into the flap. It was reposted in our state capitol's main newspaper this morning, naturally the Sunday since Sundays outsell dailies. The headline read "No evidence HPV vaccines dangerous." Too many only skim the headlines. I used the paper's comment area to post info from CDC's own website, that there have been 68 deaths and 18,727 adverse events.... hope it reaches a few. The print media is afraid of losing ad revenue if they don't kowtow to Big Pharma's spiels. If we grab every opportunity to comment in places like this and Facebook, etc., we may keep the issues alive long enough to make a difference. Only voting every 2 or 4 years isn't going to do it.

Anonymous's picture


I have contributed to the making of a documentary that I am very excited about . They have been completely funded and are in the process of making it. They sent backers a preliminary preview and it gave me chills - sad but true.

Anonymous's picture


Anonymous 5 the polio vaccine when introduced, the polio was indeed on a downward spiral and no thanks to any vaccine, it was our system as usual fighting any decease, but as usual they took advantage of the situation and started vaccination and placed such in the heroes platform as they scared the hell out of the population, many do not realize that no medication is a cure, but the defenses of our organisms will cure anything as long as we stay away from any junk, we will be foolish to think that medications are the answer for everything, perhaps in a short term it may be acceptable but the introduction of such and its side effects is not something to brag about, our defenses must be in tip top shape and you only get this with good nutrition as in a well balanced meal without pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and so on. JAM

J.'s picture


States allowing vaccination of children without parental consent OR notification yield the possibility of incomplete and/or inaccurate medical histories. The parents are unaware of treatment. The children may not remember inoculations given. If there are long-term effects of these vaccines (Gardasil comes to mind), then we could potentially have a significant population unaware of its susceptibility. And what fool decided that young children are knowledgeable enough to give informed consent for a controversial medical treatment?

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