The guilt trip over HPV vaccinations

Now that the feds are pushing the HPV vaccine for boys despite high risks and limited benefits, the media is getting in on the act.

And if they can't use logic to convince you... they'll use guilt.

The HPV vaccine, as you probably know, was originally marketed as a "cervical cancer" vaccine for girls because it's supposed to lower the risk of disease by preventing some of the strains of the virus that cause it.

Just one little problem: The vaccine has been linked to dozens of deaths and thousands of adverse events.

Girls don't want it... and their mothers aren't inclined to force it on them.

And who could blame them?

So Big Pharma and its friends in the federal government are trying to prevent a box office bust by pushing it on boys, claiming it'll prevent anal cancer and warts.

Since one is rare and the other purely cosmetic, that hasn't exactly had parents lining their sons up for it, either.

So bring on the guilt.

Check out this headline from "Guys, man up and get vaccinated: HPV is your responsibility."

The logic here is astounding... since up to half of all men carry HPV and they can transmit it to females through sex, they should get vaccinated to "save" women.

Then there's this little gem from MSNBC: "Head and neck cancer, and anal cancer, are on the rise all over the world because we have a lot more anal and oral sex these days."

I wonder who does the fact-checking there--because the National Cancer Institute says U.S. head and neck cancers have been on the decline for decades, especially in the African-Americans who have traditionally been more at risk.

Incidence is down... and mortality is down... no vaccine needed.

In addition to preventing HPV with safe sex rather than a vaccine, there are so many other options--safe options--for dealing with the virus and the cancers.

And that includes doing nothing at all: Even the CDC admits that the body gets rid of HPV on its own within two years 90 percent of the time.

When the body can't do the job, there's some natural help. A common probiotic and a substance found in cruciferous vegetables can each be effective in preventing and even stopping cervical cancer, and you can learn more about them on the Web site of the Health Sciences Institute.

And for men and women alike, recent studies suggest that green tea might have the power to actually flush HPV right out of your body.

The only side effects: a piping hot beverage that can also lower your risk for everything from heart disease to dementia, and maybe even help you live longer.

Who needs a vaccine with a drink like that?

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Edward Martin writes House Calls, a daily letter chronicling the most cutting-edge alternative methods for beating diabetes and cancer, to the latest FDA foul-ups and Big Pharma conspiracies.

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Anonymous's picture


What corrupt, compromised idiots.

We know that vitamin D3 (at between 5,000 and 10,000IU per day) actually prevents cervical cancer, prevents bladder cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer other cancers, colds, flu and a host of other viral infections. It also provides immune regulation, even as the vaccines dysregulate the immune system. The HPV vaccine- if it doesn't disable you, cause infertility or even death- it may even work (provided that they actually tested it- which they haven't).

Given that vitamin D3 is safe at very high levels, costs less than 25 cents a day for the above doses, what is to know?
That your mainstream media and medical establishment is either criminally insane, or more likely, just criminal.

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Tell them to stop it we want our people to know better than even needing that stuff in a few years they will find falt and decide they should not be doing It is just another way of distroying our young men and women shame for shame the truth will set you free .. What you want our children zombies that have no self disaplin ugh

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My understanding is that you cannot completely prevent HPV with "safe sex" but women who insist on using condoms can reduce their risk by 70%. I am completely against these innoculations though.

Anonymous's picture


There is no limit to this foolishness, I do not turn the TV for any news broadcast as for everything they report mostly is in a negative way, all these vaccines solutions yet they have no proof of anything, as many experts pointed out these illnesses were on the decline already, yet they gave credit to some of these vaccines, surely they kept quiet of the many harmful effects, they want mandatory shots for everyone, I heard a couple of states right in the good ole US of A are fining people $1,000 if they do not, the only epidemic is that all these people without a neuron left are still in office. JAM

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