Herbs and Supplements

The wildly successful drugs that don't work

Boys, girls, men and women -- they all have one thing in common: If they're taking any drug at all, it's almost bound to be a daily dose of happy pills.

Eat steak for a bigger brain in your retirement years

Bill Clinton had better watch out. He's gone vegan and I think I can already see his brain shrinking.

Politics aside, I'm not even kidding.

Occupy FDA: Banning Supplements

Put down the resveratrol and back away from the astaxanthin.

Because unless you (and I) act quickly, loudly -- and with the force of the "Occupy" movement, the FDA might declare them illegal and snatch them right off the shelves.

The mineral your prostate is begging you for

When you talk to your doctor about prostate health, the last thing you'd expect from him is a natural prostate solution that heads prostate troubles off at the pass.

Feeling low? You might need more of this

If you've been feeling low, it might not just be the colder weather and shorter days making you feel down in the dumps.

Knocking out morning sickness

Question: Do you have any advice on dealing with morning sickness naturally?

Beat Heart Disease, Cancer, and Alzheimer’s with Gamma E Tocopherols

Vitamin E is an essential antioxidant necessary for cardiovascular health and protection from cancer. There are a number of different tocopherol forms of the vitamin known as isomers and it’s important to understand that both the alpha and gamma types must be available in the body to lower risk from disease.

Should you ditch your vitamin E?

The headline was disheartening, especially because it seemed so cut and dry.

"Vitamin E May Hike Risk of Prostate Cancer."

Raise Awareness of Candida Infection

Candida infection has been a long misunderstood condition, sometimes even described as a "myth." However, as the public awareness of chronic candidiasis grows, there`s an increasing number of doctors who can accurately diagnose it, bringing hope for people suffering from constant fatigue, digestive issues, yeast infections, and other symptoms associated with this little known and frequently misdiagnosed problem.

Being far-sighted about nearsightedness

Question: Almost everyone in our family has worn glasses since childhood. My daughter is pregnant, and I have to wonder--is there any way to fight this family pattern?

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