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Plantar Fasciitis: Healing Painful Heels

Dear Pharmacist,

I have plantar fasciitis causing terrible heel pain and my doctor says it will take a year to heal. Is there anything I can do to speed that up?

"Hot" food linked to lower blood pressure

Men and women from southwestern China develop hypertension at nearly ½ the rate as the rest of the country. For decades, this puzzled the best medical minds in China.

The right way to take DHEA

Question: I have read a bit about testosterone for erectile dysfunction, but recently came across a blurb about DHEA. Can you tell me more about this hormone?

Are Your Vitamins Helping or Hurting You?

Dear Pharmacist,

I see on the news that taking vitamins can be dangerous for my health. Since I read your column weekly, I know that you like vitamins, and that they help reduce side effects in some cases. Does this study change your position?

B vitamins beat dementia

I know plenty of seniors who would pop pretty much any pill -- risks and costs be damned -- if it meant they'd never have to battle Alzheimer's disease.

Tell the FDA: Leave our vitamins alone!

The year 1994 was a big year for vitamins. That year, Congress passed a law commonly known as DSHEA. This law lets vitamins be vitamins...not drugs. It means that vitamins don't need FDA approval before entering the marketplace.

Milk Thistle and Vitamin E Lower Risk of Fatty Liver Disease

As many as 1in 3 Americans are living with a ticking bomb known as nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). The condition is virtually symptomless until the liver becomes inflamed or scarred from decades of dietary abuse.

Aging signs -- or warning signs?

Millions of seniors battle the three S's in their later years: the stoop, the shakes, and the shuffle. And most docs will respond with their own S: the shrug as they tell you it's just part of getting older.


The deal on DHT

Question: My doctor told me my di-hydrotestosterone (DHT) levels are high. He recommends taking patent medications to help this. I really don't want to take a patent medicine, but he says DHT is carcinogenic, and that's not good for me either. What would you recommend?

Forty Health Factoids for Your Amusement and Amazement

1. Didja know cold hands can mean a magnesium deficiency?

2. Didja know vertical ridges on fingernails means digestion problems?

3. Didja know a folic acid deficiency can cause hearing loss?

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