Herbs and Supplements

Natural vs Synthetic Vitamins and Supplements

There’s a lot of to-do going on about natural vitamins having an edge on the synthetics. And, truth to tell, going natural sure sounds good. The way God intended and all.

But like with so many things, the devil’s in the details.

Are You Getting Too Much of a Good Thing?

You know it’s important to get a good night’s sleep. Sleep helps repair your body, reduces stress, improves your memory and even helps you lose weight. Getting enough sleep also helps protect you from diabetes, heart disease, and even an early death.

But, when it comes to sleep, can you get too much of a good thing?

Under pressure to take HBP drugs

Question: My doctor wants to put me on a prescription for my blood pressure. I have never been on any prescription drugs in my life and I don't want to start now. Diet and exercise can help, I know, but what else can I do?

B12 deficiency linked with brain shrinkage in later life

Vitamin B12 is a nutrient found naturally in animal products such as meat, fish and eggs. The nutrient is perhaps best known for its relationship with a condition known as ‘pernicious anaemia’ – a form of anaemia caused by B12 deficiency which itself is caused by impaired absorption of B12 from the gut.

Do You Even Need Nutritional Supplements?

Many people ask me whether or not they need nutritional supplements if they eat a healthy diet. The next question that almost inevitably comes up is what they should take and where they can get high-quality supplements. Today, I’d like to bring some light to this issue and outline what I recommend most people take.

Using Probiotics to Ward of Cold Weather Colds

There are loads of things I love about the fall: the changing leaves, the chill in the air, chili bubbling in the crockpot, the return of the pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks...

But there's another fall return I absolutely hate: the return of the sniffles.

Butterbur A Natural Remedy for Allergies and Migraines

Did you know that a well-researched European herb butterbur prevents migraines and is as effective as a natural remedy for allergies similar to Allegra and Zyrtec—without the side effects?

Is combining herbs with drugs always safe?

Question: I know that most cries of "herbs are dangerous!" are unfounded. But can herbs react with drugs? Are those reactions dangerous?

Potassium Perfects Blood Pressure

Dear Pharmacist,

I have high blood pressure but I’m not willing to start medication yet. It’s only borderline high and I don’t have insurance. If you had to pick only one vitamin, what would you suggest?

Using Coriander to Slash High Blood Sugar and Cholesterol

The herb coriander is often used in Indian and Thai dishes. In fact it’s almost guaranteed to be included in any curry dish you order. It has a delicious taste that’s quite distinct and unique and, it turns out, that it comes with an added bonus. Researchers have determined that coriander could help lower blood glucose and LDL cholesterol levels.