How Coconut Oil Helps the Thyroid and Aids Metabolism

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The thyroid gland is the largest gland in your endocrine system and is critical to a properly functioning metabolism and weight management. Dr. Bruce Fife explains how coconut oil is beneficial to the thyroid gland and how it can help kick-start a sluggish gland into functioning as it should.

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How much coconut oil per day do you suggest to get these benefits?

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Olga Schipilow

How much coconut oil should I take to replace my medication.? I take every day one 0.075 MG Synthroid tab.

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It is about 2-3 tablespoons per day. It does not cause weight gain. It does other amazing things in your body. Everything about this oil is ALL GOOD.

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All of my thyroid tests are normal, I have a thyroid nodule, I still felt my thyroid was off, began investigating my joint pain which started at menopause stumbled on coconut oil for the thyroid, just began taking for the last week about 2 tbls a day and my joint pain is 90% better.

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and, if you are going to cook with an oil, it should be this one as it has the highest flash point of the cooking oils. and its coconut oil.

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I have been cooking with organic coconut oil for several months. How much does a person need daily? How can one individual take 3 Tablespoons daily? Please explain how this can be done?


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You will get some just from eating your own cooking, but the best way for me is to just melt it and drink it. It's just like mom's old castor oil regimen, but it tastes way better and is actually better for you. A tablespoon with each meal will also help you absorb your vitamins (A,D,E & K) and some minerals better as well. Cheers!

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I add mine to my morning protein drink or smoothie. I also use it instead of other oils for baking

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Coconut oil can also be a substitute for butter. I spread it on the bread to make grilled cheese sandwiches and the grandkids love it!!!!!

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