Impact of Coconut Oil on Blood Sugar & Diabetes

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Bruce Fife C.N., N.D explains that Coconut oil slows down the absorption of sugar in the blood stream and helps the pancreas with improving insulin sensitivity, which is very beneficial to diabetics.

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I absolutely believe in the health benefits of coconut oil. I do not like to eat coconut, but have a large jar of Garden of Life organic cold pressed coconut oil in my pantry. I use it to make grilled cheese sandwiches. I use it to cook eggs. I use it in place of butter in many recipes. While I do not like coconut, I actually quite LOVE coconut oil!!!

Try stir frying veggies in it... oh, they are so good!!!! And healthy for you!!!

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I totally agree about the coconut oil. We use it for cooking every day as coconuts are growing outside our door in Samoa, South Pacific.

Not only the oil is good for cooking, you can also use the fresh coconut cream (available in a can on the western world).

We use the cream as a sauce mixed with onions and salt and pour it over freshly boiled potatoes or bananas.

According to traditional healers in Samoa, the Samoan people were very healthy when only using the food grown on the island. When the white man came with all the western fat and sugar the health problem started and today they suffer from one of the highest diabetes rates in the world.

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