Jellyfish Protein to Protect Brain Cells and Memory

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Mark Underwood explains how 1% of the body's calcium is in the brain, and having too much or too little can cause memory issues, such as Alzheimer's disease. He looks at studies that have been done with calcium in jellyfish and how it will help maintain these levels in the brain.

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hello i just want to say that this video is so useful and Dr mark Underwood has well explained how the calcium is so necessary to the brain functions and how the Jellyfish Protein Protect Brain Cells and Memory ..i really would like to receive more articles talking about human brain secrets.

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Is it safe to say that any product from the sea (including seaweeds) has the calcium that our bodies need?

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I am desperate for any information that can help brain health as now it has been found on pet scan i have serious abnormalty in my parietal lobes and i want to do all i can to help myself. Neuro has told me this is very serious will only get worse and no cure i dont fit into any particular square but what he sees is very seriious. This is 5 years on after a very severe reaction tomaxolon i have never been right since that happen and feel quite strongly that it was the cause of this or paid a big part in it of course no dr as i was told will put pen to paper on that. I live in australia.

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Psalm 1914

I've been taking this product for about two months now and see no improvement.

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My computer has no sound and I don't read lips, so talking heads are unintelligible to me.

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Alice Wessendorf

Hi Anonymous 5,

I'm sorry to read that you are unable to watch videos. Many of our visitors are able to watch them and have let us know that they enjoy them.

I have good news however. iHealthTube normally provides a transcript of their videos. So if there's ever a video you are interested in you can go directly to the website, type in the title of the video in search, and when you locate it click on the word "transcript" under the video.

For the transcript on this video you can go here here and click on the word "transcript".

Hope that helps! :-)

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