Live to Win: How To Feel More Alive!

What makes you feel alive? Do you know what the feeling is?

Dr. Wayne Dyer, said it this way, ‘I try to teach my children that being successful isn’t necessarily about performing a specific task, being in a certain occupation or living in a particular location. It’s about sharing yourself in a creative, loving way using the skills and interest that are inherently part of you.”

Dr. Dyer is right. These five steps to feeling alive can open the door to experiences where you will find a new you. You can learn on a different level how to nurture what you know and discover what you don’t know.

  • Knowing who you are is the first step to feeling alive.
  • It’s in knowing who you are that makes the second step possible and that is sharing who you are. Feeling alive is the result of understanding your beliefs and core values – all of which you share with another person.
  • The third step in feeling alive is question what has become stale in your life. Where have you allowed complacency to creep in? What is not exciting to you or worse yet, dragging you down or backward?
  • The fourth step in feeling alive comes when you let go of control. Stop staring down everything that doesn’t fall in step with how you ‘think’ it ‘should’ be. Learn to enjoy and invite diversity.
  • And finally, the fifth step to feeling alive is be patient with what is happening. Be able to believe in the process of things happen in their own time. Remember, life gives you what you want and value. Your job is to watch it all unfold!

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Karen Keller, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist and Master Certified Coach with more than 25 years of experience. Her areas of specialization include influence and persuasion, leadership, empowerment, motivation, intuition, goal setting and assertiveness training.

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...thanx ..!..what we need to learn and live simple...great..lessons to be learned...many thanx !

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Jim Barger DC

Dr. Keller presents an excellent article on one of the triads of good health, namely emotion. A good overall emotional outlook
is necessary to complete the triad of chemical, physical and emotional health. Optimum health cannot be achieved without all three being in balance.

Jim Barger Dc
Barger Chiropractic of Folsom

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That's a mold-breaker. Great thiknnig!

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