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Artificial Sweeteners Negatively Effect the Brain

Dr. Gary Kohls explains the effects that artificial sweeteners like aspartame have on the brain.

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Diet and Mood

Will a diet rich in whole foods lower our risk and the overall occurrence of depression? Researchers from University College in London say quite possibly. Their recent study, published in the British Journal of Psychiatry, examined the link between diet quality and mood among 3,486 civil service employees over a five-year period – with some interesting results.

Relieve stress naturally

Q: Are there any safe, natural remedies to help alleviate stress?

Icariin for Osteoporosis

There has been a tremendous amount of research on the natural compound icariin in recent years.  The substance is usually isolated from Horny Goat Weed (what a name) also known as yin yang huo. 

I'll highlight the research by category here...

How do low-carb diets affect mood?

The promise of many popular diets often includes not just weight loss, but a happier outlook. Yet, a new study shows that the expected mood improvement—the added perk usually seen when losing weight—seems to be short-lived in successful dieters on a low-carb diet.

Spanking Lowers IQ

If it wasn’t for bratty kids and their exasperated parents, television shows like SuperNanny and Nanny 911 wouldn’t be so incredibly popular. The child-rearing experts on those shows make it look like an effortless deal to turn kids who curse, bite, and throw spinach at the wall into civilized beings.

But unlike those calm, in-charge TV nannies, the typical parent still flounders through the discipline quagmire — pleading, cajoling, yelling, screaming, punishing, and finally spanking or hitting the errant child in desperate hope of effecting some change.

Our Dark Journey into Depression

We already know that mood disorders are running rampant in America – but it may be a lot worse than anyone thought.

I was alarmed when I read the numbers in Psychological Science: Half of all young adults suffer from anxiety disorders, 41 percent of them experience major depression, and a third are drinking too much.

These numbers double previous estimates.

Is the Next Alzheimer's Breakthrough in Your Kitchen Right Now?

Is the next Alzheimer's breakthrough in your kitchen right now?

Featured in the Mediterranean diet, it's already celebrated for numerous health benefits. But this delicious food could have one more trick up its sleeve—prevention and treatment of Alzheimer's.

The Dangers of Taurine, Commonly Found in Energy Drinks

The multi-billion dollar phenomenon of energy drinks has the attention of scientists everywhere. One of the main reasons is taurine, a big player in the caffeine and sugar-laden concoctions.

Can Stress Make Us Fat?

There’s a general view that overweight and obesity are the result of eating too much and/or not exercising enough. Essentially, the idea here is that obesity is the result of greed and/or laziness. I am sure these this may be true for some people. I am also sure that this thinking is over-simplistic and does not adequately explain why some people are over-fat.

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