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Herbal Treatments for ADHD Could Keep Kids Off Risky Drugs

Q: I was very disturbed when I heard my grandson’s pediatrician wants to prescribe an ADHD drug. Are there any other options I can tell my daughter about?

Building a Better Brain

Memory is a skill that most of us would like to sharpen.  In addition to providing us with convenience and confidence, memory is a sign of our overall health.  Your brain is not separate from the rest of your body—it is totally integrated with each and every one of the ten thousand trillion cells that make up your body.

All of the same strategies that help to develop our memory develop the rest of our brain function as well; our ability to learn new skills, assimilate new information, and to make better decisions can all be improved with effort.

There are several crucial factors that result in excellent memory, here are the major ones...

Adult ADHD: Problems on the Job, at Home and in Relationships

The medical community and the public at large generally think of ADHD as a childhood illness, but as many as 60% of all children continue with this condition into adulthood. Statistics on the incidence of adult ADHD are sketchy, but it is estimated that nearly 4% of adults suffer from the symptoms of ADHD. And for adults with ADHD, everyday living is full of trials, tribulations and a unique set of challenges in the workplace, in the home, and in all manner of relationships.

Are Those New Veggie Steaming Bags Safe?

Q: I love the new plastic microwave bags that you can use to steam vegetables and fish. My diet has gotten so much healthier since I started using them. But now I’m reading that chemicals in plastic can make you sick.

Are the bags doing more harm than good?

Are Mercury Fillings Safe?

Mercury amalgams (fillings) have been a hot topic of discussion in the past few years. There seems to be two extremely opposite viewpoints: one maintains that mercury amalgams are toxic and lead to an array of health problems, while the other maintains that mercury amalgams are safe and any associated side effects are incidental.

FDA Rewards Drug Maker's Bad Behavior

They must be joking.

That’s the only possible explanation for this one, friends. Either that, or maybe the folks in Washington just don’t read the newspapers.

The FDA has just approved the antidepressant Lexapro for use in kids. Just weeks before that, federal prosecutors accused its maker, Forest Laboratories, of illegally marketing that same drug, along with one other antidepressant, to kids.

Common Drug Combo Could Be Lethal to Your Gut

You've heard me talk plenty about how NSAID painkillers can cause stomach bleeding… a big problem for anyone, but potentially a very serious issue for older patients. Well, it turns out that if you're also taking an antidepressant, your risk of GI bleeding shoots through the roof. Here's what you need to know.

Are You the Cure for ADHD?

It’s sad to see what happens to the children in our lives when they are forced to take mood-altering drugs.

I’ve always believed those drugs should be dumped and buried at the bottom of a deep hole, because there are real, natural and healthy alternatives that can help children diagnosed with conditions like Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Now, a new study finds another alternative therapy that could help many children: grandparents.

Are There Any Natural Alternatives to Antidepressants?

Q: Are there any alternatives to taking antidepressants?  I keep hearing bad news about the effects of antidepressants. Do you know of anything else that can help battle depression?

Bipolar Disorder in Children up 4,000 Percent -- But Why?

Welcome, Dr. Margaret A. Hamburg. Looks like you’re going to be the next FDA commissioner. Congratulations!

Quick question: Any prior experience handling venomous snakes? No? Ever declawed a full-grown grizzly bear? No? Nothing along those lines?

Well, in that case, you might want to pay close attention to today’s e-Alert. Because today’s topic is not the tip of an iceberg – it’s more like the tip of an entire continent of corruption and high stakes corporate power, buried just below the awareness level of the average citizen.