Mental and Cognitive Health

A New Way to Look at Stress

What is stress? Stress is any factor (emotional, physical, social, economic, and so on) that requires a mental or physical adaptive response. These factors can be real or imagined. They can come at us from all directions or spring from within ourselves.

Coffee Lovers Rejoice with Yerba Mate

Dear Pharmacist,

My husband and I are tea lovers and we were so glad to find out about matcha green tea from your article last year. Are you aware of other healthy tea drinks such as this?

--P.M. Tulsa, Oklahoma

Why Fish Oil is NOT the Best Omega-3 Source

The average American diet is seriously deficient in the essential omega 3's, DHA and EPA. Except for certain types of fish, there are very few sources of these vitally important fats.

Unfortunately, fish supplies around the world are becoming scarcer each year. Even I see it, every year that I go to Maui the fish are becoming far less abundant. And, add to that the fact that much of the fish that is available are grossly contaminated.

Gardasil Has Not Been Tested for Long-Term Neurological Impairment

Responsible reporting should carry information about the risks of the HPV vaccine called Gardasil.

The Cocaine of the Playground

It's bad enough when Big Pharma tries pushing dangerous and unnecessary drugs on adults.

It's far, far worse when they do it to our children.

Many of us in medicine have long believed Ritalin to be dangerous and addictive, and the latest research published in the online issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences shows that it may have the same effect on kids as cocaine on a drug addict.

Rhodiola in the 21st Century

For many people who lead busy lives in this modern age, it's not uncommon to feel anxious, depressed, fatigued and as though the brain is just not thinking clearly. But what if I told you that an ancient root could help you cope with many or even all of these complaints? Before you react, let me add that modern science is quickly becoming a prominent voice in promoting this traditional remedy. Interested? Then please read on.

A Sure-Fire Natural Cure for Memory Loss

As the famous cowboy movie star John Wayne grew older, he appeared sharp as a tack in his television appearances and movie rolls. But privately, he complained of memory loss.

Is Alzheimers Diabetes of the Brain?

Is Alzheimer’s really a type 3 diabetes of the brain?

Evidence suggests it is.

Nattokinase Enzyme Reduces Alzheimer's Risk

A new study out of Taiwan has found that the nattokinase enzyme, which is derived from fermented soy, may help to prevent Alzheimer's disease.

20 Strange and Mysterious Medical Syndromes

The Medical Assistant School's blog just published this list of the top 20 strangest medical disorders:

Doctors have come across some baffling day-to-day ailments, but few conditions are as strange as these 20 disorders, which range from biological to psychological to cultural in nature.