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Worry Warts - Listen up!

With the financial crisis what it is, its no surprise that worry is an emotion many North Americans are facing. And while some mild feelings of worry are normal, people who tend to worry constantly - the 'worry warts' of the bunch, can be left feeling debilitated from their anxiety-producing worry.

ADHD Drugs Causing Frightening Hallucinations in Kids

You know by now where I stand on drugs like Ritalin for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder - if I could physically go into millions of American homes and remove these drugs from folks' medicine cabinets, I would.

Knock Anxiety Out of Your Life, Naturally

You could be just 10 steps from living the calm, stress-free life you deserve.

Stressed? Help Yourself...

Good old stress. I thought it was time to blog again about this always 'in style' topic of health. The fact is, at some point in our lives (or in our day!) we all experience some form of 'stress' - be it physical, emotional or chemical (and often times a combination of all three!) So here are a few excellent tips on helping soothe your stress from a nutritional perspective.

New Review Supports Efficacy of St. John’s Wort for Depression

A new review has concluded that St. John’s wort is more effective than placebo, and is as effective as standard antidepressants in the treatment of major depression with fewer adverse effects than standard antidepressant drugs. The authors looked at 29 trials (5,489 patients) and included 18 comparisons with placebo and 17 comparisons with synthetic standard antidepressants. They all used the standard Hamilton Rating Scale to determine the severity of depression.

Judges Rule Vaccines Are Not to Blame for Autism

Today, federal judges ruled that there is no discernable link between autism and the mercury levels in childhood vaccinations.  Three familes were seeking monetary compensation for their children's autism, arguing that thimerosa -  the mercury vaccine preservative - was to blame for the disorder.

This is clearly a big blow to the movement that blames such vaccinations for the rise in autism rates.

You can read the New York Times account of the verdict here.

Is It Safe to Hold a Cell Phone Next to Your Ear?

Dr. Gabe Mirkin answers the question that so many people are asking these days:

Is it safe to hold a cell phone next to your ear?

Could Sugar Cause Alzheimer’s Disease?

The thought that sugar could cause Alzheimer’s might sound a bit far-fetched, but scientists are beginning to uncover links between our sugar consumption and Alzheimer’s disease, so much so, that they are beginning to call Alzheimer’s disease Diabetes Type 3.

Caregiver's Guide for Autism

My son Dougie craves green. He and his digestive system are huge fans of vegetable based smoothies, seaweed, algae and fermented foods. These foods helped pull him out of a toxic slump that resulted in a diagnosis of autism, so as his mom I can understand why he loves them so much. But, I figured maybe you could use a little better explanation.

Natural Treatments for ADD and ADHD

ADD and ADHD are treatable. Here are some methods I have employed to treat those with ADD and ADHD at Heartfelt Medicine with positive results.

They can be applied individually but are most effective when applied together.

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