Natural Treatments for ADD and ADHD

ADD and ADHD are treatable. Here are some methods I have employed to treat those with ADD and ADHD at Heartfelt Medicine with positive results.

They can be applied individually but are most effective when applied together.

Food Sensitivity

The first step is to find and eliminate all food sensitivities (IgG) and allergies (IgE). I use Immuno labs blood print which tests for 115 of the worst culprit foods. I do other tests with this lab depending upon symptoms presented, lab work and PE.

It is necessary to test for Candida and usually there is a gluten intolerance.

All these can be eliminated with a very comprehensive rotation diet which the lab prepares for you and at the same time all the foods that you reacted to will be eliminated from the diet for 3 months. This gives the immune system enough time to re-set.

I have seen most of the symptoms that many of my patients arrive with go away as a result of diet modification, because remember we are usually dealing with food sensitivities, not allergies, which the patients are fully aware of and avoid.

On another note I have seen most of the women who undergo these tests and follow the diet lose many pounds just from eliminating the foods that their immune systems have become intolerant of.

This is a mechanism that involves cortisol and our metabolic systems.

Clean up GI tract

You have to completely clean up the GI tract, kill all pathogens (using herbal tinctures and teas like gentian and worm wood…)  and stop bad bacterial overgrowth. You then re-seed and feed the tract with good bacteria and food that the enterocytes like to eat (pre and pro-biotics).

We also have to eliminate all inflammation causing factors in the gut, and this is done using a number of Nutraceuticals, botanical tinctures, teas, and super foods, especially E-3 Live. This will stop any leaky gut syndrome also known as intestinal permeability food particles from entering  the blood stream so that the immune system will stop attacking the body where ever these particles land on (they can and do cross the blood brain barrier, and are therefore harmful).

Eliminate Harmful Pharmaceuticals

Take out any pharmaceuticals causing any kind of GI inflammation (antibiotics and non-steroidal anti-inflammatories are two of the worst causes).

Check for Nutritional Deficiencies

You can do a Nutritional PE for nutritional deficiencies using Dr. Russel Marz’s extensive health history PE and or SpectraCell’s Functional Intracellular Analysis of vitamins (both lipid and water soluble), minerals, antioxidants, amino acids and carbohydrate metabolism and fatty acid metabolites.

Apply Herbal Remedies

To improve memory, cognition, decrease restlessness, lessen distractions, difficulty listening and improve the ability to finish tasks, I use a combination of herbs. I have found the best herbs for treating ADD and ADHD are Rhodiola in fairly high doses, as well as Ashwaganda, Gotu cola, Eleuthrococcus, and Rosemary.

Apply Homeopathy

The most comprehensive way to assess and treat this disorder is using homeopathy.

I will not give any specific remedies here because you have to undergo a proper constitutional intake with a trained homeopath to find a remedy specific for each case.

I use the spider remedies quite a bit, which many kids think is really cool. Tarantula Hispanica is the main theme for this remedy and is used to treat overstimulation of the nervous system. There are others such as Theridien or Aranea and a non-spider nosode that works great is called Tuberculinum. Using any one of these remedies can usually result in everything slowing down. As a result the mind can work much more efficiently and many of the self esteem issues that cause these kids and sometimes adults to be very self conscious will go away, and they will once again feel confident and trust their abilities to perform tasks that most of us take for granted.

Homeopathy is so important in helping the patient heal because it addresses the mental emotional component in the case.  At the very least it can decrease stress that can impair memory and or cognition through regulation of the adrenal/pituitary axis.

Another way to do this is to look at the family dynamics. The parents or care givers can be exerting a lot of pressure on the child for any number of reasons; this can lead to increased stress which in turn can decrease memory and or cognition.  I have given one or both of the parents a remedy in a few cases and then the child progressed quite nicely.

Recognize Their Inherent Intelligence and Abilities

ADD and ADHD diagnosed people are usually highly intelligent, hence the perpetual boredom. They can truly see things in a different light compared to the rest of us and have great and innovative ideas. Put in the correct environment and work position they can be extremely productive and give any company or business a competitive edge in creativity and design.

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About the author


Dr. Dana Churchill attended Rutgers University in New Jersey where he obtained a BS in Nutritional Biochemistry. Before that Dr. Churchill went to culinary school in New York City and worked in the international gourmet hospitality industry. Dr. Churchill uses these past experiences to create innovative tasty health conscious menus for his patients, as well as having the biochemical food knowledge to make up pathology specific diets.

Dr. Churchill is a member of both the California Doctor’s Association and the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. He likes to educate people by speaking publicly about natural healing and especially homeopathy and works with the CNDA and NCNM to help the public gain more awareness about the health choices  and credible information that are available to them.

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Anonymous's picture


Anything is better than kiddie-crack, aka Ritalin and Adderal -- which are really nothing more than amphetamine salts.

Great article, keep up the good work Dr.Churchill!

Anonymous's picture


Kiddie-crack? My nephew has done very well on Ritalin. I didn't approve at first, but he's a much better student and his behavior problems have gotten better too.

Anonymous's picture


Homeopathy as an alternative to medicine? Really? Really? This has to be some sort of joke. Homeopathy is almost as effective as prayer. Prayer is almost as effective as magic. Magic is noneffective.

Anonymous's picture


Anon, now now that's not true. Homeopathy is as effective as placebo... which is effective as prayer and magic ;o)

It's all mind tricks, thing is they sometimes work!

Anonymous's picture


now an adult, i was raised on a diet of Ritalin, Dexedrine, aderall, even straterra, thats not even counting the OTHER medicines i was on. I used to take carbamazepine for seizures depakote, paxil Zoloft, celexa, lexapro. not all at once mind you, but all these were tried throughout my life. only later on in my life did i realize that much of the pills i were taking were an amphetamine. it used to anger me that i was used and the doctors convinced my parents of the benefits, when nothing really worked. now i don't take anything, and i'm happy with the person i am.


Anonymous's picture


I don't know, I'm on the fence about the "kiddie crack" as one put it.. that's how my husband and my Mother in Law see it. I would like to do a medicinal trial, the docs were really pushing it. In fact after two yrs of her being evaluated, that was their 'solution', and no alternatives were been given!! Hence my daughter is still having a LOT of trouble and is struggling, and my hubby and Mother in law refuse to do a trial. Apparrently my opinion means nothing! I would much rather a more natural approach if it exists. But what about those of us who cannot afford a homeopath?

Anonymous's picture


This is nothing more than a joke. ADHD/ADD is a chemical imbalance in the brain. I'm sorry I'd much rather have my kid on "kiddy crack" as some of you call it than smashing her head against a wall and beating on her little brother! ADHD/ADD is a disability weather some people want to admit it or not, would you treat a quadruplicate with herbs? Just because it's not a seeable disability does not mean is does not exist or that it's not real. I am so sick and tired of people saying oh your daughter does not LOOK disabled, yea well LIVE with her and find out just exactly what this disability DOES to these children before you all start passing judgment on these parents who can accept that their child has a disability and has it medically treated. TO the mother whose husband and mother in law refuse treatment who is your mother in law to refuse YOUR child treatment? As for your husband it sounds like he's not accepting the fact your child has a disability and he needs to be educated on what the disability IS and what can be done to treat it.

Anonymous's picture


This is in response to comment number 6. My daughter has ADHD. Early on before diagnosis it was difficult she would have the classic impulse control issues and act out. In Preschool and first few years of school, the school officials and medical people "pushed" medication as an only option. They explained that intelligence wise she is ahead of her classmates, but her social skills havent developed. We started with the lowest dose of adderal and it was a night and day change. Both good and bad. She was a model student for school but she reacted like a zombie at times, unemotional and you wonder even if she was there. I chose to take her off meds and have resisted them since for a few reasons. One: because of the medicated time her brain was slowed down enough for her to obsorb the "rules" and social interaction needs that she had been missing, so she kinda understood what her brain was unable to before about what was going on within her and what is required of her in the classroom. Two: I work with her all the time and have read a lot. It take a lot to remind her of the rules yet again for the millionth time but you have to, its for her own good. Three: she is now thirteen years old and I have talked to her and helped her develop her own techniques to deal with her condition. You have to be concerned with the social development. I feel she has made progress on her own, I am amazed and proud of her network of friends... we still have an occasional problem but with love and a gentle reminding of the rules of life yet again :) we work through it. I dont know the severity of your daughters ADD or ADHD so I dont know what issues you may be facing on that front but I understand the struggle with the decision to medicate or not. Goodluck to all of you facing this problem.

Anonymous's picture


I was interested in this article until you brought up Homeopathy.

Homeopathic remedies are literally a joke. A bad one. And any doctor who supports them is a traitor to their profession.

Sorry for the harsh words, but I keep waiting for Homeopathy to die and it's just not happening. It's water, people. WATER. And a solid lack of evidence.

Anonymous's picture


>>Anon, now now that's not true. Homeopathy is as effective as >>placebo... which is effective as prayer and magic ;o)

>>It's all mind tricks, thing is they sometimes work!

Unless you have cancer. Or a ruptured appendix.

It's not ALL mind tricks.

Anonymous's picture


Certainly. And I have faced it. We can communicate on this theme. acheter levitra en france I am final, I am sorry, but it not absolutely approaches me. Perhaps there are still variants?

Anonymous's picture

Otto Hunt

Dimethyl Amino Ethanol and tyrosine are effective for ADD. I am a 54 yr old electrical engineer. Engineering is not an ADD-friendly profession. I really notice it when I run out of DMAE, which I take 3X daily. The cheapest source I have found is bulk nutrition.

Anonymous's picture


Oh how ingenious some people are, to say that natural medicine is a farce I dare to say you are mistaken. Big Pharma copies from Mother Nature and what they cannot copy even if it is the best cancer preventive they would keep quiet, why? because they do not make any money. There are powerful ingredients in Mother nature difficult to duplicate but humans can use this in its natural form, so if anyone is a fan of Big Pharma, GOOD LUCK.

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