Natural Vaccine Detox

Because there are so many different toxins in vaccines, most people want to know how to detoxify their body afterwards, if they are forced to take the flu vaccine.  So I contacted George Foss, a well-known nutritional supplement formulator and former general manager of Kayser’s Nutrition Center, and asked him what natural methods for detoxifying from flu vaccines he’d recommend. 

George recommends taking NAC, along with Chlorella, Silymarin, Vitamin C, Oscillococcinum, and Colloidal Silver.

NAC, i.e., N-acetyl Cysteine -- a sulfur-bearing amino acid which binds and removes mercury and other metals found in vaccines from the body; also breaks down toxic substances in liver; available at local health food stores or through internet sources.

Chlorella – (use broken cell wall Chlorella); major all-around cellular detoxifier and cleanser; available at local health food stores or through internet sources.

Silymarin – i.e., the Milk Thistle herb, a well-known liver protector and detoxifier (take as directed on bottle); available at local health food stores or through internet sources.

Vitamin C -- 2 grams/day (adults) for immune support and for chelating metals used in the vaccines; start taking several days before vaccination if possible, and for at least a week afterwards; available at local health food stores or through internet sources.

Oscillococcinum – a homeopathic remedy that eliminates unwanted flu and flu vaccine symptoms; this is the #1 flu medication in France; it provides significant symptomatic relief from the trauma to the body caused by the flu and flu vaccines; it is carried online by CVS Pharmacy at – use their online search engine to find it.

Colloidal silver – For adults, take two ounces per day, minimum, for immune support, and to inactivate any viral fragments from vaccines that contained the weakened virus; take it for at least several days before and for at least a week after taking a vaccine.  (Children should not take more than two teaspoons full per day.) 

You can purchase colloidal silver at health food stores or online.  Or you can make your own colloidal silver for about 36 cents a quart (rather than paying $30 for a tiny four-ounce bottle in health food stores), by obtaining a high-quality Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from >

If you cannot afford a colloidal silver generator right now, you can make an emergency batch of colloidal silver by following the instructions on >this web page.

Hopefully, the current flu scare will not reach the point where the government feels it necessary to order mandatory vaccines. But if it does, by using the above supplements you’ll enjoy significant protection against toxins and other nasty chemicals and substances (not to mention viral fragments) found in that toxic soup known as the flu vaccine.  Best of all, everything mentioned above is completely natural.

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Steve Barwick is a respected natural health journalist with hundreds of articles to his credit.  He has been a freelance writer since 1974, focusing primarily on natural health and nutrition topics, as well as on finance and politics.

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Thank you so much for this FYI.. France is already planning on a mandatory Swine Flu Vaccine soon and Obama just spent some billions on swine flu vaccine preperations in the U.S. where we will be required 3 seperate shots a year for this overhyped Swine Flu.

Certain Bills that former President George Bush passed in 2006 make it mandatory by law to receive any vaccine for what the government deems a "pandemic".

It's wise that people stock up on these nutrients in your article now because we all may desperately need them in the very near future.

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Michael Jenkins

Chlorella is indeed an effective all round supplement. Chlorella will also help detox from heavy metals and can help to protect against diabetes, Alzheimer's and cancer and most importantly helps to boost the immune system and build the blood helping to fight off infection before it takes hold.

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What is Chlorella?

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What is the best thing to give my son before he takes his scheduled vaccines, and after??

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I wish someone would answer the last question about what the best remedy is for scheduled vaccines in children. My 4yr. Old son just got the MMR at the doctor along with the tiberculosis shot. I had a refusal form that I signed in the chart for the MMRA, but my husband took him to the appt. and unfortunately when I called to remind him I was too late. I am still upset to say the least, but the answer from the nurse was, "that form only stands till the child is 2 and a half yrs. Old. After that it is mandatory." Is there any truth behind that statement?

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Thanks for the nice article. All of my family members had side effects with chlorella; it caused sleeplessness. Long term use of colloidal silver needs to be supplemented with probiotics (or preferably homemade kefir) taken seperately.
I also feel its safe and easy to use homeopathy to detox vaccines. I used these to detox my child. We can find lot of information about homeopathy detox online

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I was forced to be vaccinated once again at an older age when i chose to go back to school again long after high school one of the vaccinations was hepetitis b, and two chicken pox vaccinations i had side effects from them, its been several months and i still have break outs over my body how can i eliminate these vaccinations out of my body???

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Texas will make it mandatory for all hospital workers to receive the flu shot next season. Only exceptions will be if the worker has a physician's note stating that they cannot. The other will be for religious reasons. The workers will either be fired for not taking the shot or be forced to wear a mask for
the entire flu season. Methodist and Baptist hospitals in
San Antonio already force the eployees to take the vaccine.
Baptist has it as a pre-employment condition. Not sure what
they are doing with the employees they already have who
do not take it for medical reasons. Methodist makes the
workers who refuse wear a mask when 6 ft. or closer to
patients. If caught with mask off, immediate termination. The season being from Nov. - March. Neither the hospitals, nor the vaccince manufacturers will take any responsiblity when
possible illnesses occur after the vaccine. The most scary of these is GBS. GBS is more common among those over 50 yr.
I read on line about a student nurse who is still paralyzed months after receiving the flu vaccine. All medical costs and lack of income are her dilema, as no conpensation is available at all. VERY UNFAIR SITUATION.

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