"Silent" gallstones

Q: After reading your advice on avoiding gallbladder surgery by eliminating allergies, I'm happy to say that I haven't had a gallbladder attack in months. But my doctor is still concerned about my gallstones and recommends that I have then removed. What are your thoughts on gallstone surgery after allergy elimination?

Dr. Wright: Over a decade ago, I received a very angry letter from a surgeon considered to this day to be a leader in holistic medicine. He criticized my advice to avoid allergies and not have gallbladder surgery, writing that if gallstones were still in the gallbladder, they might "slip" out into the bile ducts and get stuck, obstructing the bile ducts and forcing much more dangerous emergency surgery. He said I was irresponsible, endangering people with gallstones, and that anyone with gallstones should have his or her gallbladder removed.

Fortunately, at about the same time, the New England Journal of Medicine published data refuting this point of view. The authors of the article compared the mortality rate from emergency surgery for obstructing gallstones with the mortality rate from "routine" gallbladder surgery and concluded that "routine" gallbladder surgery is actually more dangerous. They advised that "silent" gallstones should not be subject to surgery but left alone.

"Silent" gallstones are gallstones not associated with any gallbladder "attacks." When allergy avoidance stops gallbladder attacks, it stops them whether gallstones are present or not...and if they are, they surely become "silent." And even the New England Journal of Medicine agrees that you should leave those "silent" gallstones alone.

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Joseph Britto

Dear Sirs,
Is there any natural supplement to treat Kidneys aqnd overcome renal problems? I will be most grateful for your kind comments.
Many thanks

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Just one question, did you or do you drink too much water, one problem is drinking to much water and the same will deplete you of potassium, electrolytes in general.


TELEMYZ's picture


I suffered with gallstones a few years back. Went to the doc, he also said may need surgery. I said to myself, no surgery for me thanks. I started doing research. I came across a lot of information about dissolving gallstones, which can be done. I asked in a healthstore, and was told about a product. I took it........gallstones gone. End of story.

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Rebel With a Fork

Joseph, be very careful of the advice you listen to. That is not something to mess around with.

As far as gallbladder problems go, avoiding fat seems to work for many people.

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sunil yadav

my father has silent stone can any body give me advice wat to do plz do this favour

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My mother is 40 years old and she has got silent gallstones in her gallbladder. The doctor told her not to worry as they are not causing any pain but now they are increasing in number and size. Is it something to worry about? if yeah then what can be the treatment or the precautions.

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I am 19years old and i have a silent gallstone which is 16.5mm
I came to know this in the age of 12 only that i have a gallstone. At that time it was of size 10mm only which has now increased.
Doctor recommended me surgery.
I wanted a very genuine suggestion from you that what should i do in such a young age.

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Dear Sir,

i have got 19mm. gallstone which is silent. previously i was suffering from gas problem. but now it is solved by taking heomeyopathic medicen. i dint have any problem at now regarding this gallstone. so please advice me what to do wheather i should remove it by operating surgery or not..


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Marjon Strobbe

Dear Sir,

I have a silent stone 70 mm, the size of a very big egg. I suffer for several years with stomach ache for which i use omeprazol.
Now I hear some scary stories about gallblatters that broke, and those people died.
Schould I remove my stone by surgery....


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sir i have gallstone 17x18 mm silent what shall i do

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