The single sickest secret behind vaccines

With all the controversy swirling around vaccines and autism, it seems that the most controversial point of all has essentially been locked in a dark room and deliberately kept from us.

It may not be the vaccines themselves that cause autism but there is one constituent that is causing great alarm (for those who know about it). No, it's not thimerosal.

And I guarantee even the most ardent supporters of vaccination will be outraged to discover what they have unknowingly been infusing into their bodies and their children's bodies.

Taking tissue

Helen Ratajczak is a former senior scientist for a drug company. She recently published a review of autism research that spans the full history of the disorder, from 1943 (when autism was first identified) to present.

Ratajczak's review has important insights about the contents of vaccines and how they could trigger autism. But one detail jumps out. And it's easy to miss, because it's hidden in a simple, three-word phrase that appears only once, toward the very end of Ratajczak's 79-page review.

Here's the sentence: "An additional increased spike in incidence of autism occurred in 1995 when the chicken pox vaccine was grown in human fetal tissue."

Human. Fetal. Tissue.

How was this hidden from us? Why isn't this information included on every vaccine consent form? Can you imagine how horrified most people would be to find out their children were injected with a vaccine grown in tissue from human fetuses?!

And this is not an isolated case.

The National Network for Immunization Information reports that two different strains of human cell cultures made from fetuses have been used extensively in vaccine production for DECADES.

One strain came from lung cells taken from a female fetus of 3-months gestation, and the other was taken from a male fetus at 14-weeks. In addition, the virus used to make the rubella vaccine was isolated from a third fetus.

The Network further reports that the fetuses were intentionally aborted, but were not aborted for the purpose of harvesting the cells. The resulting cell cultures "have been used to prepare hundreds of millions of doses of vaccines, preventing millions of cases of rubella, hepatitis A, varicella and rabies."

The defense is that human cells are the best source for vaccines because cells taken from animals can carry animal viruses that would obviously be very harmful in any vaccine.

That's all great press release writing, but I'm still livid!

Scientists simply should not get to decide whether to share this information or how to rationalize it.

This is an intensely personal issue and everyone should be able to make a decision on vaccination with all the facts in front of them.

How this got kept from us for decades is beyond me.

Right now, there aren't options to choose a vaccine that wasn't grown in human fetal tissue. So parents armed with this information can simply choose to vaccinate or not.

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Mike L

First, the article fails to explain the relationship of the vaccine production using human fetal tissue and the resulting autism. What is the mechanism?
Second, if the fetus was not intentionally aborted purpose of harvesting tissue than I see no moral issue. We harvest organs and tissue daily from the deceased (and living) for transplants, etc.
I would be very interested in learning about the theorized relationship between these vaccines and autism. It has been my understanding to date that aluminum and other metals or metal salts used in vaccine production were the source of the problem.

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Not sure about 79 pages, but here's a review of autism "causes" by Helen Ratajczak. There appears to be a convergence of factors involved. It's an eleven page review, but well worth the read.

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@Mike: The "fetus", which is actually a baby in it's mother's womb, WAS intentionally aborted, just not for the purpose of the vaccine, supposedly anyway. It is still just as wrong to abort a baby for ANY reason. The end does not justify the means.

As for the cause-effect relationship, there has probably not been enough time to study the exact mechanism as yet since they dishonestly kept the fact that it was developed from aborted babies hidden all these years. When they noticed the spike in autism in 1995 they certainly should have investigated why, but then that would have exposed their cover-up.

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This is not a moral issue. It is a health issue, pure and simple. Mad Cow Disease (remember that one!) was related to the eating of same species protein. Injecting a vaccine carrying the information/by-product of same species protein that crosses the blood/brain barrier is a good formula for brain damage.

Vaccines, though are 50% fillers, preservatives, junk,etc. Ingredients such as formaldehyde, a known carcinogen are allowed in vaccines. So is aluminum, another brain neurotoxin as is mercury. Arsenic and lead, heavy metals which affect the brain are included. So, there is foreign protein grown on foreign protein coupled with carcinogenic preservatives, neurotoxins, other fillers, allowable amounts of garbage such as rodent/roach pieces that all get injected into tiny babies that have not had a chance to develop their own immune system. Ingredients such as aluminum are included to force the body's acceptance of this foreign cocktail and they are injected in order to by-pass the majority of the immune system which begins in the mouth and is heavily located in the gut, all phases designed to rid the body of this junk.

And it is not 1 or 2 of these toxic cocktails, but over 35 mandated vaccines before the age of 5, most of them in the first 2 yrs of life. Is it any wonder that our infants are reacting in such dramatic and extreme manner to this ongoing assault to their developing systems.

Considering the increasing incidence of autism, it is clear that the human body's limits are way over stretched with this vaccine protocol mandated by the drug corporations via their bought and paid for politicians and federal agencies such as the FDA and CDC.

Keep in mind that death or dramatic autistic destruction is only the tip of the iceberg with vaccine damage. ADD/ADHD is even more rampant in the population 1:25 is the statistic I believe as opposed to autism which is up to 1:100 with some regions having 1:50 children sufferring from regressive autism.

Add to these neurological conditions, all the other autoimmune deficiency diseases that are showing up at younger and younger ages. Our population is intentionally being destroyed by a system that has no value in human life except for the top few percentage of the super wealthy.

As to the exact mechanism of damage? Not important to tell the truth. That is only an intellectual curiosity. What is important is that the evidence is very clear. Take a healthy child, vaccinate him/her and withing days there is a major inflammatory response in the brain and the child is suddenly gone. Over and over and over again this story occurs in real life. Other nations react by limiting vaccines administered, or rejecting a vaccine after a handful of children die or show such dramatic regression. But not this country which doesn't give a damn about human life--only for how much money that can suck out of us.

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Check out these links. Boy...are we being duped!!

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