Stevia: An All Natural Herbal Sweetener

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Mark Blumenthal with the American Botanical Council tells us about Stevia. Stevia is becoming popular as an alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Stevia is completely natural, and it doesn't add calories, which could help with the obesity epidemic. In contrast artificial sweeteners like aspartame are associated with many health problems.




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Detox Foot Pads

As I am typing this, I am drinking Zevia soda, which is sweetened by Stevia, and no artificial sweeteners nor high fructose corn syrup. No calories. Safe for diabetics. It has a weird taste. I don't like the ginger ale at all, even though ginger ale is one of my favorite drinks. But I would drink it if I had an upset stomach, like I do with regular ginger ale.

The cola tastes a bit like diet coke, not sweet enough for me. But it also has an after taste. Still, not bad considering.... it also has 45mg of natural caffeine in it.

The best tasting one is the Dr Pepper version. I am not a big Dr. Pepper fan but this tastes the most like regular soda pop.

I use Stevia in so many things at home -- when I make sweet tea, I boil the water and tea bags, and add Stevia.

There are different kinds of Stevia to use. The kind I use most is pure Stevia, and is extremely concentrated. Maybe 1 tsp can sweeten a whole pitcher of kool aid (we use it with kool aid). I put a pinch in my whole wheat pancake batter, and in my hot cereal.

There are other kinds that have FOS (which I believe is a prebiotic) and can be used tsp for tsp like sugar. (these also are sold in packets, for your coffee or tea).

I use both the KAL brands, and the NOW brands.

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Foot pads,
how do the pancakes turn out? most comments on other websites report stevia is not good for baking. But maybe quick pan fry will not disintegrate it....
BTW do you realize stevia sweetened soda may not be the winner? Sodas typically contain phosphoric acid to make them tart (much cheaper than citric acid), which is really a rust remover, and needless to say, not too healthy. So check the ingredients

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Anonymous Joyce

How is stevia green and the sweetner is white?

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