White or dark brown spots on the skin?

If you notice dark brown or whitish circles on your chest or back, you probably have a fungus infection called tinea versicolor.

You don't have to treat it as it usually causes no harm and does not itch, but it is highly contagious.

The fungus produces a chemical that takes pigment out of the skin to cause the circular color changes. You usually don't notice it during the winter, but when you go out in the sun, the circles appear because you tan everywhere but where the fungus lives.

You can usually cure it just by three days of applying non-prescription Selsun blue shampoo from your neck to your waist to your wrists, leaving it on for at least 10 minutes and then showering it off, or by taking a 150 mg Diflucan pill once a day for three straight days.

However, you will likely get the fungus infection back from your clothes, your mate, towels, pillow cases, sheets and so forth. You can help to prevent reinfection by washing everything, treating your mate at the same time, and applying the Selsun Blue once every couple of weeks for several months.

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I was diagnosed with tinea versicolor 30 years ago and have tried many different things over the years, many with little effect. I found washing with Selsun Blue was only slightly effective for me.

My tinea is made worse from any sweating and it becomes very itchy. It has broken out on my chest, back and neck and sometimes my face and scalp are affected.

I have found Clotrimazole Anti-Fungal Cream 1% seems to work the best at controlling flareups. Now if I notice the tinea spots starting I wash all my bedding, towels and clothes and after showering I apply the cream to all affected areas (I reapply every other day, totaling 2 to 4 applications). I am able to avoid bad breakouts of the spots this way.

The only place this is not convenient is my scalp, although applying the cream and massaging it into the scalp before a shower seems to help there, you just might need to shampoo a bit extra to wash the cream out.

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